Customize Patient Care Plan

Version 14.19

About Manage Care Plans

Path: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Patient Chart button > Care Plans > Customize button

Care Plans are in Office Practicum for a patient's health maintenance schedule.

NoteThe Bright Futures Preventive Care Plan is linked with the Diagnostic Test Management table and the Vital Signs/Growth Chart table to determine whether a patient has had standard measurements and screening tests performed, which are listed below:

  • Well baby visits according to the standard AAP schedule, with documentation of height, weight, head circumference and development
  • After age 2, annual preventive exams with height, weight, and BMI. Vision, hearing and blood pressure after age three. Developmental assessment up until age 5.
  • Newborn Metabolic Screen and newborn hearing screen.
  • Hemoglobin & Lead at one and two years of age. Children with WIC require more frequent anemia screens.
  • Annual lead risk assessment until age 6, with lead levels if there's a risk of exposure.
  • Annual "TB risk" assessment and if positive, a PPD.
  • Another anemia screen in adolescence.
  • Cholesterol screen in adolescence, but earlier if there are risk factors.

The Customize Patient Care Plan window lists the customized plans applied to the patient along with providing a list of available care plans that can be applied to the patient. You can manage a patient's Care Plan in this window. 

Manage Care Plans Map



Current Care PlansThe Current Care Plans tab lists the care plans that were applied to the patient. The Information button in this tab opens the web resource for the selected care plan.


Available Care PlansThe Available Care Plans tab lists the care plans available to the patient.


Create Custom Plan buttonThe Create Custom Plan button opens the Manage Care Plans window. The Manage Care Plans window customizes and creates plans specific to the patient for any ongoing problems where specific screenings, vitals, or tests need to be completed.


Done buttonThe Done button closes the Customize Patient Care Plan window.
Version 14.10

The Customize Care Plan window map is not available in OP 14.