Database Cleanup: Messages

Version 20.13
Path: Admin tab > Archive Records button > Database Cleanup tab > Messages tab


The Messages tab of Database Cleanup determines which Messages, Patient and/or Non-Patient, are updated to a non-pending status. Messages with a status of 'Action Required' are updated to 'Action Completed'. And, Messages currently 'Not Read' are updated to 'Read'.

Set Message Update Criteria

  1. Navigate to the Message tab of Database Cleanup by following the path above.
  2. In the All records on or before the date specified field, enter a date or use the drop-down to select a date from the calendar. This determines the date for which any prior Patient or Non-Patient messages will be updated.
  3. Select the appropriate checkbox to determine if you want to update Patient Messages or Non-Patient Messages (or both).
  4. Click the Begin button to proceed with archiving Patient and/or Non-Patient Messages.
  5. A confirmation window displays the number of messages that will be updated. Click Yes to proceed. A progress dialog box displays, and when complete, the dialog box closes.