DB Viewer: Direct Email Address Merge

Version 20.3
Path: Tools tab > Database Viewer button 


Direct Email Address entries in the Address Book may get duplicated. The steps below walk a user through how to use Database Viewer to merge the duplicate entries in the Address Book. 

  1. Navigate to Database Viewer by following the path above.
  2. Click the AddressBook tab.
  3. In the List records where these fields are duplicated section of the window, use the drop-down to select the checkbox for DIRECT_EMAIL.

Warning: While there are many options to choose from, DIRECT_EMAIL is the only option functional at this time.

  1. Click outside the drop-down list to filter the report to the selection.
  2. Merge the duplicate entries by following the below steps:
  1. Click the Merge Entries button, and complete both of the following steps.

1. Select the Merge from Record in the Grid: select the record in the list that will be merged into the record to keep. 

2. Select the Merge to Record in the Grid: select the record in the list that you will keep.

  1. Click the Save Merge button. 
  2. Click OK in the Confirm dialog window.

  1. The OP DB Viewer window displays the merge is complete, click the OK button.

  1. Repeat the above steps for all records to merge.
  1. Click the X to close the OP Database Viewer window.

NoteWhen an address book entry has been merged, you may view the information in the Audit Logs. For detail information on the Audit log, click here.