Deactivating a User Account

Version 14.10
Utilities > Manage Practice > Staff/Provider Directory


User accounts can be deactivated in the Security Settings table. Deactivation allows you to keep a user in the system, but make them inactive (unable to log in). To add or edit user accounts, please see Adding staff into Staff Directory.

  1. Locate the user you would like to deactivate and highlight their name on the left column where staff names are listed.
  2. Click the Edit button  at the top of the screen, then uncheck the Active checkbox.
  3. Click on the Security Settings button .

Staff Directory

  1. Locate the User tab.
  2. Double click on the user's log in name and uncheck the Enabled checkbox.

Security Settings: Edit User

  1. Proceed to the Membership tab. Remove the user from all applicable groups by highlighting the username and using the red arrow indicated below.

  1. Click OK to close this window and the Exit button to close the Staff/Provider directory.
Note: If 'strong password validation' settings are enabled, a user's account will be automatically disabled (deactivated) if the user tries to log in more than the specified number of times with an incorrect password. To re-enable a user's account in this case, open the Edit User window and click to re-check the Enable box.