Overview Definition, Triggers, and Actions

Version 14.10
Utilities > Manage Clinical Features >  Care Plans


Upon opening the Care Plans, each plan has a corresponding definition, triggers, and actions if all triggers are met. In this section, you will find out the purpose of each of these areas.


The definition is where you set up what the purpose of your Care Plan is as well as establish how it will appear within Office Practicum. There is an area for the purpose of this plan, a patient goal, a choice on how to enroll patients, privacy settings as well as an area for citation of the source for your Care Plan. All areas in the definition can be updated accordingly when you make edits to the established Care Plans in your system.  


Triggers are set to group the patients you would like to see as part of your Care Plan. Within this area you will set up what triggers a patient must meet in order for Office Practicum to know that they should be part of the Care Plan. 

Actions (if All Trigger Conditions are Met)

Once all triggers are met for a Care Plan, there are a set of actions that will be added to the patient's chart for completion (i.e vital sign measurement, diagnostic test...). This area is where you can add, edit and delete actions to match your practice's needs.