Demographic Analysis and Recall (DAR) Send Messages for Recall

Path: Practice Management tab > Demographic Analysis/Recall > Send Messages


Prior to sending messages from the Demographic Analysis/Recall report, you will need to create a Patient Demographics List or a Recall report. Messages can be sent from the following tabs: Patient Demographics, Clinical Recall, Care Plan Recall, and Vaccine Status Recall. You must make sure that each patient is enabled to receive Recall messages per their setup in Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab > Patient Chart button > Family Contacts > Preferred Contact Method section > Recalls. A detailed video demonstrating this workflow can be found below. 

Summary of Steps

Follow the steps below to send Messages after building your Patient Demographics List or running the appropriate Recall report.

  1. In the Demographic Analysis/Recall Report window, click the Send Messages button. The Patient Message eXchange window is displayed.
  2. In the Patient eXchange window, use the drop-down arrow in the Search box to select the message to send out.
  3. Click the Sort Groups button.
  4. Click the Create Msgs button. A window is displayed showing you the number of credits that will be used.

Detailed Video

  Tip: To enlarge the video, double-click it, or click the Fullscreen button. When you're done viewing, press Esc to exit fullscreen mode.