Demographic Analysis and Recall Reports


Demographic Analysis and Recall Overview
Version 14.19 Overview The Demographic Analysis and Recall is a report you can use within OP 14 to generate a list of patients according to specific criteria. Unlike financial reports, this report is primarily used to obtain patient lists meetin...
Demographic Analysis and Recall: Patient Demographics
The Patient Demographics Report must be run prior to continuing on to run the Clinical Recall, Care Plan Recall, Vaccine Status Recall, and Vaccines Given reports.
Demographic Analysis and Recall: Clinical Recall
The Clinical Recall Report will displays a list of patients and/or recalls by using the following search criteria.
Demographic Analysis and Recall: Care Plan Recall
The Care Plan Recall Report will display a list and/or recall patients due for items associated with a Care Plan.
Demographic Analysis and Recall: Vaccine Status Recall
The Vaccine Status Recall Report will display a list of patients and/or recall who are due, behind, or due in the future for a specific vaccine or all vaccines.
Demographic Analysis and Recall: Vaccines Given
The Vaccines Given Report will display a list based on a date range of all vaccines given in the practice.
Print Labels from the Demographic Analysis/Recall Report
Version 14.19 Overview A practice may need to print labels for patients identified in the Patient Demographics or one of the recall tabs using Demographic Analysis/Recall. OP has a report that can be used to print labels. The instructions are be...
Diagnosis Recall Criteria
Version 14.19 Overview In order for a child to be added to a diagnosis recall, the following criteria must be met: The child must have an active problem with a SNOMED code attached. The SNOMED description must be selected from the problem dro...