Diagnosis Code Management

Version 14.8

About Diagnosis Code Management

Path: Utilities Menu > Manage Codes > Diagnosis Codes (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][U][C][D])

The Diagnosis Code Management window contains all the diagnosis codes for OP.  Office Practicum updates ICD10 (along with CPT and HCPCS) codes on an annual basis.  It adds new codes and deletes retired ones. The Diagnosis Code Management window allows you to search for codes, add codes, edit codes, and delete codes.

New Coding Methods
Result Set/Code Set - With the evolving set of Diagnosis Code types, OP has added this necessary filter to isolate diagnosis by each methodology. Follow the same steps when searching in a different result set.

Diagnosis Code Management Map



Search Criteria
The Search Criteria selections help narrow the results when searching for diagnosis codes.


Diagnosis Code List
The Diagnosis Code List displays the diagnosis codes.  It lists the codes by short description, code, long description, frequency, quick view, category, effective date, and retire date.


Function buttons
The functions buttons execute a search, add a diagnosis code, edit a diagnosis, and print the displayed diagnosis code list.


The tabs at the bottom of the Diagnosis Code Management window split the diagnosis codes alphabetically based on the DX code column.