Diagnosis Codes


Adding, Editing, and Deleting Diagnosis Codes
In this section you will find instructions on how to add, edit, and delete a Diagnosis Code.
Assigning Synonyms and Groups for Diagnosis Codes
Synonyms are used to add additional phrasing for one Diagnosis Code. This makes it easier to find the code you are looking for while maintaining the official description for each word.
Cross Mapping SNOMED Codes
Cross Mapping Diagnosis allows users to map a single diagnosis to multiple methodologies (Example:Matching ICD10 to lateral SNOMED coding).
ICD-10 Code Updates Effective 10/1/2019 New
Overview Every October, Office Practicum uses Health Language to access and update the complete list of diagnosis codes. It’s important to update templates, diagnostic tests, screenings and favorites to include these new codes and remove tho...