Diagnosis Recall Criteria

Version 14.10


In order for a child to be added to a diagnosis recall, the following criteria must be met:

  • The child must have an active problem with a SNOMED code attached.
  • The SNOMED description must be selected from the problem dropdown in the Demographic Analysis and Recall: Clinical Recall window.
  • The Date Range must be broad enough.

Child must have an Active Problem with a SNOMED Code Attached

One of the criteria for a child to be added to a diagnosis recall is that the patient must have an active problem with a SNOMED code attached. 

Example: A child with ADHD has to have SNOMED 406506008 in the problem list. It doesn't matter what is listed in the ICD or the Notes field. Therefore, having a blank Problem field will not work (as shown below).

Instead, the Problem field must be added with the SNOMED code (as shown below).

Select the SNOMED Description You Want from the Problem Dropdown

After the patient(s) have the SNOMED code attached, you can select the SNOMED description(s) that you want from the Demographic Analysis and Recall: Clinical Recall Problem field dropdown.

Example: If you want to populate the report with patient that have SNOMED code 406506008, you have to select Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder from the Problem dropdown. The dropdown only populates with SNOMEDs that you have already used in at least one patient's chart. Otherwise, you would have a hard time scrolling through all the codes.
Using SNOMEDs rather than free text prevents exactly the problem many providers are concerned about: different providers writing descriptions in different ways (for example: AD/HD vs AD / HD vs Attention Deficit [sic]).

Make the Date Range Broad Enough

The Result Date Range displays results of the particular selected problems for specified dates based on when the problems were last updated (which is the creation date if you entered the problem and never touched it again).  The date range will correspond to the date shown in the Record Date column.

Example: If you are looking for ADHD patients with the date range set to today only, you will only see patients with ADHD that were added and coded to their chart today. But, if you want to see all your patients with ADHD, you will need to make that date range very large.

When you run the recall, you can see the last updated (Record Date) as well as the SNOMED (Record Code) and description (Record Description).