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Diagnostic Code Editor

Version 20.0

About Diagnostic Code Editor

Path: Clinical or Billing tab > Diagnosis Codes > Select DX Code > Edit button

The Diagnostic Code Editor window allows users to edit the details of a diagnosis code. It contains three tabs where further customization can be applied.

Diagnostic Code Editor Map

1Diagnosis Code detailsThe following fields make up the Diagnosis Code details:
  • Diagnosis Code
  • Code Set
  • Frequently Used and Quick View List checkboxes
  • Short and Long Descriptions
  • Category
  • Effective Date
  • Sort
Synonyms tabThis tab is used to add synonyms that can be used when searching for a diagnosis code.
Diagnostic Groups tabThis tab is used to add the diagnosis code to a Diagnostic Group.
Cross Mappings tabThis tab is used to cross map the diagnosis code to a SNOMED code or other mapped code set.
Function buttonsThe function buttons add, delete, edit, save, and cancel changes to the information in the selected tab.
Save and Cancel buttons
  • Save: The Save button saves the changes and closes the Diagnostic Code Editor window.
  • Cancel: The Cancel button closes the Diagnostic Code Editor window without saving the changes.