Diagnostic Test Alerts

Version 14.19

About Diagnostic Test Alerts

Path: Clinical tab > More button (Customize group) > Diagnostic Tests > Add Button or Edit Button on Selected Test > Basic Definition tab > Add button (in Alert Message section of window)

The Diagnostic Test Alerts window houses the functionality of adding Alert Messages to diagnostic tests. The window contains three tabs:

  • Diagnostic Tests with Alerts
  • Add/Edit Alert Messages
  • Choose Alert (the default tab)

Diagnostic Test Alerts Map

1Choose Alert tabThe Choose Alert tab is the default tab when the Add button is clicked from within the Diagnostic Test Name Information window. In this tab, a user can select a previously constructed Alert Message to apply to the diagnostic test.


Diagnostic Tests with Alerts tabThe Diagnostic Tests with Alerts tab lists Diagnostic Tests for which alerts have been linked.
3Add/Edit Alert Messages tabThe Add/Edit Alert Messages tab is where Alert Messages are added and edited. The fields in this tab include a status and start and end date.


Function buttonsAdd link: Used to select the highlighted message and close the Diagnostic Test Alerts window.
Cancel: Closes the Diagnostic Test Alerts window without selecting a message.