Diagnostic Tests


Diagnostic Test and Result Setup
In this section, the user will be guided through the process to link in house diagnostic test results to diagnostic test orders.
Complete Diagnostic Tests For Inactive Providers
Version 14.19 Complete Diagnostic Tests for an Inactive Provider There may be a time when a provider leaves a practice and the provider has been set to Inactive in the Staff/Provider directory. Still, there may be labs that will be need to be re...
Review Diagnostic Tests
This section will go over how to review and complete open lab requisitions. In addition, the user will be introduced to how to monitor the diagnostic tests and perform follow up.
How do I archive a diagnostic test?
Version 14.19 Archive a Diagnostic Test To archive a diagnostic test or the corresponding results component for a diagnostic test, follow these steps: Open the Diagnostic Test Utilities  (Utilities Menu > Manage Clinical Features >...
Document In House Diagnostic Tests
Version 14.19 Overview In this section, you will learn the how to document diagnostic test results for a patient. Document In House Diagnostic Tests Navigate to the Tracking  tab of the Schedule and Practice Workflow window. Locate the...
Document Legacy Labs
Version 14.19 Document Legacy Diagnostic Tests Navigate to the Patient Chart. Locate and select the patient. Click the Diagnostic Tests tab. Click + Legacy  button. The Diagnostic Test Requisition Form will open. Click the Ins...
Document Send Out Diagnostic Tests
In this section, you will review the steps needed to complete orders/tasks that have been assigned to you.