Diagnostic Tests


Reviewing Diagnostic Tests
This article explains how to review and finalize open lab requisitions, review pending requisitions, and use date range filtering in the Clinical Work window.
How do I archive a diagnostic test?
This article explains how to archive a diagnostics test.
Document In House Diagnostic Tests
This article guides users on how to document in-house diagnostic tests and enter results accurately.
Document Legacy Labs
This article shows users how to document legacy diagnostic tests by entering test results and related information.
Document Send Out Diagnostic Tests
In this section, you will learn how to document a Send-Out Diagnostic Test for a patient. These tests can be saved, printed, or sent to the OP Patient Portal if the patient has an active portal account.
Diagnostic Tests LOINC Codes
This article explains the importance of using proper LOINC codes for diagnostic tests and guides users on how to update and replace in-house test codes with standardized LOINC codes.
In-House LOINC Codes
About This is an OP-collated list of commonly-used LOINC codes for in-house pediatric tests. Caveats Please note:  LOINC codes change from time to time, and so this list may not contain the most recent updates. You may reference the master...
How do I Archive a Laboratory?
This article will show how to archive a laboratory.
Complete Diagnostic Tests For Inactive Providers
This article explains how to review and complete diagnostic tests for an inactive provider using specific steps in the Smart Toolbar.