Disable Multiple Patient Notifications


For legacy OP Patient Portal users who utilize PMX for messages to inform parents/patients of an action on the portal, it is important to disable these messages when moving to the new InteliChart portal. By disallowing portal messages, parents/patients will no longer receive a message containing a link to the legacy portal. Disallowing portal messages will also prevent your parents/patients from receiving duplicate messages if you have notifications set up through the new InteliChart portal.

Practices with a Patient Portal who are utilizing a product for appointment reminders/confirmations (ex: PMX), may be generating multiple notifications to parents/patients. At a practice level, you can choose to turn off the portal notifications or you can direct parents/patients to manage their notification settings on the portal.

Disallow Portal Messages in PMX

In order to disallow portal messages in PMX, you will need the following permission: Message_Distribution_View.

  1. Navigate to the Patient Message eXchange window: Practice Management tab > Patient Message eXchange button.
  2. Confirm you are on the Personalized Messages tab.
  3. From the Search drop-down select Portal Message.
  4. Under the Telephone, Email, and Text Message tabs, move the Delivery radio button to Disallow.
  5. Click the Save button.

Disable Portal Notifications at a Practice Level

  1. Login to the Practice Portal.
  2. Navigate to Manage Setup: Portal Management > Patient Interface > Manage Setup
  3. Click the arrow next to Allow Patient Configured Notifications to expand and view the status of all notifications.
  4. In the Active column, switch the toggle button to OFF next to the notification you want to disable. To turn off all notifications, toggle the button next to Allow Patient Configured Notifications to OFF.

Note: On the Patient Portal, the Notifications section of My Account will not display the notifications that have been toggled to OFF on the Practice Portal.

Disable Portal Notifications at Parent/Patient Level

If your practice wants the portal to keep sending notifications, then you can direct your parents/patients to manage their own notification settings. Click here to learn how parents/patients can manage their portal notifications.