Document Chief Complaint-History of Present Illness-Review Of Systems

Version 14.8

Chief Complaint (CC), History of Present Illness (HPI), Review of Systems (ROS)

This section will introduce the users to the section of the Encounter note used to document the chief complaint, history of present illness and the review of systems.  The user will be guided through the fields to easily review and document additional information.

Note:  A note in Office Practicum is divided into sections similar to the SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) note. The subjective part of the exam includes sections such as Chief Complaint, History of Present Illness, and Review of Systems. Each practice determines how much of the subjective portion of the visit a clinical person (Nurse, MA) finishes. The Objective part of the exam includes sections such as vitals and the exam itself.

Click on the CC/HPI/ROS tab

  • This window is divided into three sections Chief Complaint (CC), History of ´╗┐Present Illness (HPI), and Review of Systems (ROS).

Encounter Note: CC/HPI/ROS tab

Documenting Chief Complaint (CC)

Encounter Note: CC/HPI/ROS tab: CC section

The CC field is a text box where you can type in the reason for the visit or select the Phrase Construction button and select phrases to insert.

History of Present Illness (HPI)

Encounter Note: CC/HPI/ROS tab: HPI section

In the HPI field you can Select (drop down fields) and/or Type (text box) in the History of the Present Illness. 

  1. Dropdown Fields: Information can include data such as timing of onset of symptoms, duration, severity, location (i.e. left ear), and did they have a fever before coming in to the office.
  • Select from one of the choices in the dropdown menu.
  • If the choice you want is not in the dropdown menu, then, simply Type in the desired information.

The dropdown lists include:


Fever dropdown list

Location dropdown list

Timing/onset dropdown list

Duration/pattern dropdown list

Severity dropdown list

Quality dropdown list
  1. Text Box: where you can Type in additional information that is not part of the dropdown section.
Note:  If there is pre-filled information, as part of a template and the information is not applicable simply delete it and type in the relevant information.

Review of System (ROS)

Note:  Please check with your supervisor to see if you will be documenting the Review of Systems as a clinical staff member. Pediatric practices differ on who documents the ROS.

Note:  This is the section where you can assess and document the patient's symptoms categorized by body systems. Systems in Office Practicum: Constitutional, Eyes, Ear Nose Throat, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary (M/F), Musculoskeletal, Integumentary (Skin/Breast), Hematologic/Lymphatic/Immunologic, Endocrinology, Neurologic, Psychiatric, Allergic/Immunologic.

Under each System, various symptoms are listed which you can mark as 'Reports' 'Denies' or leave as 'Pertinent'.  Anything marked 'Reports' or 'Denies' will be part of the final note. Anything left as 'Pert' (pertinent) will not be part of the final note.

More systems and symptoms can be added to this list as applicable per visit.

To change Symptoms to be Reports or Denies

  • If the symptom is not applicable and you do not want to write it in today's note, simply leave the items as 'Pert'. Any symptoms left as pertinent will not be seen on the final note.

Click on the word itself. Click Pert once to change to Reports and Click again to change to Denies.

  • If you already marked it as 'Reports' or 'Denies', and then decide you do not want it in your note and want to skip it, simply, click through until you see Skip.

For example, if I wanted to change 'sore throat' from 'Pert' to 'Reports', I will click on the word "pert." I can also, write in any further explanation in the 'Comment' section.

Encounter Note: CC/HPI/ROS tab: ROS section