Document Controls Toolbar

Version 14.10

The OP software displays the Document Controls toolbar above the Thumbnails panel and Preview panel. This toolbar provides the basic actions and navigation for the selected document.

Groups of Document Control Functions

Document Control functions are organized into three groups:

  1. Previewing, printing, editing, and deleting the document.
  2. Marking as reviewed, reconciling the document, and attaching it to items such as Diagnostic Tests and Referrals.
  3. Document navigation and viewing. 

The functions organized in the Document Controls toolbar include:

  • Show Image Fullscreen button: Clicking this button opens the selected document in a separate browser window, which the end user can maximize to the full size of the computer screen. See below for additional details on the Show Image Fullscreen feature.
  • Print Selected Record button: Clicking this button prints the selected document.
  • Send button: This is a new feature that allows the end user a simple means of sending a document to another end user. Clicking this button allows the end user to create a message and attach the selected document to the message and to send the message to internal or external recipients using Direct Messaging.
  • Edit button: Clicking this button puts the document in Edit mode. Edit mode allows the end user to make drawing, annotation, and pagination changes to the selected document and to the document details. See Edit Mode and Edit Page Buttons for details on editing the document itself. See Document Details Panel for details on editing document details.  
  • Delete button: Clicking this button allows the end user to delete the selected document. When the end user clicks the Delete button, the OP software displays the warning message, “Do you really want to PERMANENTLY delete the selected document? This correction is NOT recoverable. You may be discarding the last available copy of this document.” If the end user clicks Yes, the OP software displays the Audit Trail dialog box requiring the end user to enter a reason for deleting the document. This information is added to the Audit Trail. 
  • Mark Reviewed button: Clicking this button displays a popup window with the confirmation message, “Mark the selected document as reviewed by [name]?” where name represents the name selected in the Addressed To field of the Document Details panel. The options are: OK + Close, OK, and Cancel.
  • Reconcile button: Clicking this button reconciles the selected document with the Patient Chart of the selected patient.
  • Attach button: Clicking this button allows the end user to attach the selected document to a Diagnostic Test or Referral. The end user is to use this button after a document has been saved. This is an additional option for linking a document to a Diagnostic Test or to a Referral. When inputting a document initially, the end user completes the Details panel. When the end user clicks the Category field, OP 14 displays a Paperclip icon, which allows the end user to attach a document. If the end user selects an Item type of either Diagnostic Test or Referral, clicking the Paperclip presents the popup box associated with the selected Item Type.
  • Detach button: Clicking this button allows the end user to detach the selected document from the medical records it is associated with.
  • Scrolling buttons: These are standard scrolling buttons.
  • Zoom buttons: These are standard buttons for zooming in and zooming out.

Note:  Some of the above buttons are not active in Edit mode and only activate when a document in Edit mode has been saved.

Send and Attach Feature

The Attach paperclip allows the end user to access the Search for Documents window to search a patient's documents and select a document to attach to the message you will send. A grid to the bottom of the New Message window displays all documents attached to the message.

Show Image Fullscreen

 When the end user is viewing a document in Full Screen Document mode in the Manage Documents window and either clicks on the image or clicks a key on the keyboard, the OP software does not close the document.