Document Details Panel

Version 14.8

The Document Details panel is a vertical panel to the right of the Preview panel. The panel displays document- and file-related details of the document selected in the Document List panel.

The Hide/Show Details button (highlighted above the Document Details panel) allows the end user to hide or show the Document Details panel. If the end user hides the Document Details panel, the space expands the Preview panel.

Note: The data fields are only editable when creating a new document or editing an existing document.

The Document Details panel displays the following information:

Patient Information

  • Patient ID: In Edit mode, it includes the Patient Search button and the Cancel button. Clicking the Patient Search button displays the Patient Directory. Clicking the Cancel button allows the end user to set the document so that it is not associated with any patient. A confirmation message displays when selecting this option.
  • Patient Name

Review Details

  • Item Type: In Edit mode, this field includes the Item Type dropdown button that allows the end user to select an Item Type. The end user determines the options listed in this dropdown using the Document Types and Categories window. 
  • Item Category: In Edit mode, this field includes the Document Types and Categories button and the Attach button. Clicking the Document Types and Categories button opens the Document Types and Categories window. This window allows the end user to select an Item Category and to specify the options that the Item Category field offers. Clicking the Attach button displays the Choose a Medical Record to Attach to a Consent Record window, which allows the end user to attach documents while processing files (rather than having to do so after processing files).
  • Reviewed? checkbox: Selecting this checkbox indicates that the selected document has been reviewed.
  • Reviewed by: Indicates the end user that reviewed the selected document.
  • Review date
  • Privacy level: In Edit mode, this field includes a dropdown menu with a list of Privacy Levels
  • Notes

Administrative Details

  • Creation Date
  • Created by
  • Created Location: This field indicates the office location where the document was created. 
  • Correspondent: Clicking the ellipsis button in the Correspondent field opens the Address Book, which allows the end user to select a recipient with whom they want to link the document.
  • Addressed to: This field indicates whom the end user is sending the document to for review. 
  • Status of Original: This field indicates the status of the selected document. 
  • Last Updated: This field indicates the date the selected document was last updated.

Technical Details

  • Document ID: This field displays a document ID that the OP software assigns.
  • Page Count: This field displays the total number of pages in the selected document.
  • Tech info: This field displays file type, number of pages, and document size.    
  • URL: This field displays the URL of the document, if it originated from a URL-based location.
  • File extension: This field indicates the file extension and is usually associated with the File Type field.
  • File type: This field indicates the type of file (such as PDF, JPG).
  • Storage Type: This field lists the database where the document is stored.