Document In House Diagnostic Tests

Version 14.10


In this section, you will learn the how to document diagnostic test results for a patient.

Document In House Diagnostic Tests

  1. Navigate to the Tracking tab of the Schedule and Practice Workflow window.
  2. Locate the patient whose diagnostic test task must be completed.
  3. Click the checklist icon located in the Tasks column for that patient.
  4. Double-click on the words 'In House Diag Tests:'. This will open the Diagnostic Test Requisition Form.
  5. Confirm that you will be performing all of the tests that appear with a check in the checklist column. If multiple tests are selected, but you are not completing all of them, deselect the test(s) you are not completing.

  1. Click Save after you have completed your order. This will open the Diag Tests window with the Requisition highlighted and the Orders/Results in the window below.

  1. Select a result from the dropdown menu or manually enter a result in the Result field.

Note: Values that will generate an Abnormal flag may be edited in the Diagnostic Test Setup. Click here to learn about Diagnostic Test Setup. 
  1. Click the Post Edit button  to save. This will change the requisition status to Received.

  1. Close the Patient Chart by clicking the Close button (the X in the upper-right hand corner of the window). You will return to the Tracking window.

NOTE: When the provider opens the Diagnostic Tests tab of the Patient Chart to review the results, the Abnormal results are 'floated' to the top for ease of view.