Document List Panel

Version 14.8

The Document List panel is a vertical panel on the left side of the Manage Documents window. It displays all documents associated with the selected patient. It includes several filter and grouping options that display documents based upon type (for example, Chart, Diagnostic Tests, Referrals, and Disclosure).

The Grouping field at the top of the panel is similar to the Grouping field in other OP windows and allows the end user to list the documents according to customized grouping. 

The end user can customize the size of this panel by clicking and dragging the right border of the panel.

At the top of the Document List panel, the following options for filtering the list of documents displayed in the Document List panel are available:

  • Dates: 1 Mo, 1 Yr, All.
  • EFR (checkbox). Select this checkbox to view documents that have limited visibility.

The Document List panel displays the following columns and filtering options:

  • Item Type
  • Category
  • Date
  • Notes

The Show/Hide Columns button to the left of the columns select which columns to display.

The Expand Grid button expands and collapses the categories.