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Document Management Item Types and Reference

Version 20.4

What Item Type Should I Select?

Document TypeOP Item TypeNotes
Consent form to use for entire practiceConsent FRM TMPLAvailable to select from the Consent Library.
Documents to be displayed on the portal such as: Vaccines Summary, School FormsForms
*If it is a statement, it is displayed under Item Type: Statements
Any document that has the Item Type as Forms is displayed on the patient portal.
Handout to give to patientsEducational HandoutAvailable to select from Assess/Plan and to add to a template.
Image you would like to be able to annotate for a specific patient.GraphicAvailable to select from the Graphic tab while writing a note.
Insurance CardInsurance 
Patient PhotoPhoto IDDisplayed in the patient chart.
Documents transmitted from patient medical recordDisclosureWhen documents are transmitted by printing, Direct Messaging or fax, a copy of these items is placed in the Item Type of Disclosure.

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