Document Management Item Types and Reference

Version 14.8

What Item Type Should I Select?

Document Type
OP Item Type
Consent form to use for entire practice
Consent FRM TMPL
Will be available to select from the Consent Library.
Documents to appear on Portal such as: Vaccines Summary, School Forms
*If it is a statement, it will appear under Statements Item Type
Any document that  has the Item Type as Forms will appear on patient portal.
Handout to give to patients
Educational Handout
Will be available to select from Assess/Plan and to add to a template.
Template you would like to be able to annotate for a specific patient.
Will be available to select from the Graphic tab while writing a note.
Insurance Card
Patient Photo
Photo ID
Will appear on the Chart and the Register.
Documents transmitted from patient medical record
When documents are transmitted by printing, Direct Messaging or fax, a copy of these items will be placed in the Item Type of Disclosure.

Linking Documents to Item Types

Document TypeOP Item TypeNotes
Diagnostic TestSelect Diagnostic Tests and a list of the patient’s diagnostic tests will appear for linking.Visible in the Diagnostic Test tab and Docs. Marking the document as reviewed will also mark the diagnostic test as reviewed.
Referral Response or Transition of Care DocumentSelect Referrals and a list of the patient’s Referrals will appear for linking or you can create a new entry for a TOC.Visible in the Referral Tab and Docs. Marking the document as reviewed does not mark the referral as reviewed.
Any DocumentAny Item type other than Diagnostic Tests or Referrals.When the Attach icon is selected, the patient’s Problem List will be appear for linking. The items will be visible in the Problem List tab and Docs.