Documenting Synagis

Version 14.10
Documenting Synagis

The video below will inform you on our Best Practice to create a Synagis template and how to document Synagis given when your patient comes into the office.

Documenting Synagis

Synagis most likely will not be in your inventory. 

Follow the steps below:

  1. From the patient chart click on then click on .
  2. Select the infant tab and then select the Synagis vaccine.

  1. You will get the following pop up box. Click ok

  1. You will get another pop up stating that there is no inventory in stock. Click OK.

  1. Click on the button.
  2. Enter in all vaccine information. The vaccinator will populate with your initials since you are logged into OP.

  1. Click on .

You may build a Synagis template:
  • CC: Here for Synagis administration
  • ROS: Denies Fever/chills, Denies allergic reaction to prior Synagis administrations
  • Order/Workflow: Other Tasks
  • Synagis injection (dose based on weight 15 mg/kg) you will set this as a standing order
  • CPT and Dx codes will auto populate when the vaccine is given