Documents: Bulk Migration Tool

Version 20.4


The Bulk Migration Tool allows a practice to migrate documents, in bulk, that were available on the former OP Patient Portal to the new Patient Portal, powered by InteliChart. Documents that may be migrated are those with a date 1 year from the current date and that have been saved as an Item Type of FORMS.

  1. Navigate to Tools tab > Bulk Migration Tool
  2. Click the Bulk Migration Tool button to display the Bulk Migration Look Back Date window.
  3. Click the drop-down and select from the calendar or enter a date in the All documents on or after: field.

  1. Click the Begin button.

Warning: The bulk migration of former Patient Portal documents may run for an extended amount of time, depending on the number of documents. It is recommended this process be run during non-peak times or after-hours at the practice.