Download Page for .rtm Files

Version 14.10

OP Version 14.8.36 enhanced the software by adding support to include the location of the Practice the end user logs in from to the header of in-house lab requisitions for the Diag_Test_Single report. This enhancement is to ensure that these reports abide by Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) guidelines and COLA standards.  

With this enhancement, when the end user clicks the Print button for the Diag_Test_Single report or the Section_List report, OP 14 adds the Practice location where the end user is logged in (in addition to the Practice name and phone number) to the header of the report.

However, in order to fully implement this functionality into your version of OP software, you must import the latest .rtm files for these reports.

Warning: If the Diag_Test_Single or the Section_List reports exist in your OP system and you have customized either report, importing this latest version will overwrite your customized changes.

Click here for procedural instructions for exporting and importing OP reports. This page includes procedures for downloading and importing reports in both the On-premise (Client/Server) and Cloud environments. Please be sure to refer to the correct section for you OP solution.

After you are familiar with the import procedures, click on the link below to download the latest Diag_Test_Single RTM file. Then, follow the procedures for importing the updated RTM file into your OP software.


You can download the Diag_Test_Single .rtm file by clicking here.  

You can download the Section_List .rtm file by clicking here.