eFax Overview


OP is providing Practices with a fully-integrated, secure, and HIPAA-compliant eFax solution. With eFax, OP users can manage all outbound and inbound electronic faxes directly from within OP. Below, you'll find a summary of the benefits of implementing eFax into your OP solution as well as high-level summaries for outbound and inbound faxing workflows.

Benefits of eFax

  • Fax management is handled directly from the OP Message Center, an area of the software with which OP users are already familiar.
  • Notifications of inbound faxes to review and outbound fax failures are received in OP's Main Navigation Panel (also known as Alert Bar).
  • Informative status messages are provided in OP so that users can see outbound fax progression. 
  • Anything that can be transmitted from OP can be sent via eFax.
  • Workarounds involving "Print to Fax" for outbound faxing and usage of a shared network drive for inbound faxing are no longer necessary.
  • You can keep your existing fax number! As long as you don't want to keep using your external fax machine, we'll be able to port your number. If you do want to continue to use your existing fax number for an external connection, we'll take care of getting you a new fax number.

Outbound eFax Workflow Summary

Through the latter part of this workflow, OP users benefit from real-time statuses and on-screen, detailed notifications of fax failures with the option to resend.

Inbound eFax Workflow Summary