Edit an Archived Claim

Version 14.8


This article is intended to instruct you on how to edit an archived claim.

Editing an Archived Claim

  1. Click on the Patient Account button.
  2. Search for your patient that needs to have a claim corrected.
  3. Click on the Claims tab .
  4. On the screen that appears, highlight on the claim you need to edit.
  5. Click on the plus sign to the left of this claim to see CPT procedure code(s) and any associated payment details.
  6. Click on the line that needs to be edited and click on the Edit button.
  7. The Edit Archived Claim Transactions screen will open.
  8. Click on the Edit button to begin your edits to the appropriate line item.
  9. Once edits are complete, click on the Green Check Mark to Save.
NOTE: Changes to charges that are saved will cause a void in OP on the claim line that is being corrected.
  1.  Click Yes to save changes, or click No if you wish to not save.

  1. Click Yes to send the claim back to the payer if sending electronically.  Click no if dropping to a CMS-1500 form, and go to Statements to print a CMS-1500 form.

Note:  If the insurance on the claim needs to be updated to a new payer, Please see: Changing Insurance on a Daysheeted Claim.