Edit Report

Version 20.5

About Edit Report

Path: Practice Management tab > Demographic Analysis/Recall button > Select report > Edit button

The Edit Report window is used to edit previously saved Demographic Analysis/Recall reports. This function is available from all tabs in the Demographic Analysis/Recall window. The edited reports are displayed for use in the Saved Reports drop-down menu in the respective tab of the DAR window. 

Create/Schedule Report Map



Report NameThe Name field is used to assign a name to the report being saved. This is the name that is displayed in the Saved Reports drop-down menu.


Report DescriptionThe Description field is used to summarize what the report includes and what it is to be used for.
Update InfoThe Update Info includes the Last Update date/time for the report and the Updated by user. 


Function buttons
  • Save: Saves the report Name and Description and adds the report to the Saved Report drop-down menu.
  • Cancel: Closes the Create/Schedule Report window without saving any information.