eFax Overview
Learn about the benefits of implementing eFax into your OP solution!
 Recording: eFax Virtual Learning Event (Presented May 4, 2022)
Run-time: 37:50 This article contains a recording of the eFax Virtual Learning Event, presented on 5/4/2022, and access to the presentation slide deck and Q&A resources.
Getting Started with eFax (Implementation and Setup)
Learn about the Nav Panel items and Message Center tabs when eFax is enabled, how to ensure the appropriate users receive inbound eFaxes, and how to make sure users have access to the Fax button.
 eFax: Sending Faxes from OP (Outbound)
Learn how the fax cover sheet is populated, how to start eFax messages from several different areas in OP, how to complete the Message window, and where to view eFax statuses.
eFax: Receiving Faxes into OP (Inbound)
Learn how inbound Fax Messages are received and attached to a patient's chart.
eFax: Usage Report and Audit Trail
Learn how to run the eFax Usage Report to view eFax page consumption for the Practice and what is tracked in the Audit Trail for eFax Messages at the patient level.