EHR Clinical Setup and Management


Add, Edit Vital Sign Measurements
Learn how to add or edit Vital Sign measurements in the Vital Sign Table to use when documenting a patient's vitals.
Accessing Resources
This article will show you how to access the AAP Online Resources and resources that you have added into OP.
EPCS Setup
EPCS requires certain areas in OP to be setup before electronic prescribing of controlled substances can be enabled. These areas are described below.
Using Risk Groups
The article explains how to set up and use Risk Groups in OP, which are used to group patients based on specific patient population risks and assign them to relevant risk categories.
Add, Edit, or Retire Encounter Questions
Learn how to add, edit, retire Encounter questions so that they are available when charting notes.
Add, Edit Developmental Milestones
This article provides instructions for adding, editing, and deleting Developmental Milestones from the choice list used when documenting a patient's development.
 Risk Groups: Overview - Quick Tip Video
This OP Quick Tip video shows you a basic overview of risk groups in OP.
 Risk Groups: Adding a Group - Quick Tip Video
This OP Quick Tip video shows you the basics of how to add risk groups in OP.