EHR Clinical Setup and Management FAQs

How do I add birth facilities so they show up in drop down list in newborn history?

The list of newborn hospital facilities is populated in the Registry Look up Table:

Utilities > Manage Codes > Registry Lookup Codes 

The steps below will guide you on entering surrounding hospitals where a vast amount of your patient population is born. Also, entering hospitals where patients are seen and visits are billed for. 

View the Facility Codes PDF or contact the facility to obtain codes before entering them into OP.

Entering Birth Facilities

  1. Select Birth Facility from the Code table to review/edit drop-down.

  1. Check off the Allow editing check box.

  1. Click OK to the warning.
  2. At the bottom of the window click the Insert the record button  .

  1. Enter the Birth Facility official state or federal code. Note: Contact the facility to obtain codes before entering them into OP. 
  2. Enter the Facility Name.
  3. Enter a Sort number.
  4. Click the Save button .

What can a Locum physician do in OP?

It may be necessary to create a Locum provider in OP due to a provider's extended vacation, illness, temporary staffing need, etc.  For additional information on Locum providers, please contact your Client Advocate.

How do I access the AAP Local Library from locations in OP?

You can insert items from the AAP local library from the following locations: Template Customization, Charting Notes, and specific areas within the note and items in the chart. Highlight a word and if a tag exists, it will bring up the matching AAP library articles. You can also access the library by performing the following steps:

  1. Open a Patient Encounter Note or one of the other forms listed above.
  2. Type a few words into the note, then right-click on one word, as you would when searching directly from within a note (see above).
  3. In the pop-up menu, select Other matches from AAP Local Library > Search AAP Local Library. Your library will open in a new window.