eLabs: Creating Requisitions
This collection of 3 scenario-based videos demonstrates workflows for creating Lab Requisitions when using eLabs.
 eLabs: Matching Lab Results
Run-time: 8:22 Learn how to match unmatched eLabs results to requisitions in OP.
 eLabs: Site Enrollment Form
The content in this article is relevant to eLabs ...
eLabs: The Life Cycle of Orders and Results
This article shows the flow of the life cycle of orders and results in eLabs.
eLabs: Unlinking Imported eLabs Results
The article explains how eLabs results are automatically matched to requisitions based on specific criteria. It also provides steps to unlink mistakenly matched results and the process to reattach them to the correct requisition.
eLabs: Electronic Results Timeline
The content in this article is relevant to eLabs This document highlights the best and worst-case timelines for an electronic result (eLabs) to reach the OP system. Faxed results have been inherently faster than electronic results and this is co...
eLabs: Reconciling Lab Requisitions
The article guides users on how to reconcile eLabs requisitions transmitted and received by Change Healthcare (CHC) to ensure accuracy.
eLabs: Change Healthcare Lab Network List
The Change HealthCare Lab Network list.
eLabs: Print a Lab Requisition or Label
Learn how to print or reprint an electronic Lab Order (when using eLabs).