eLabs: Print a Lab Requisition or Label

Version 20.13

The content in this article is relevant to eLabs.


Follow the steps below to print or reprint a requisition or label.

Print a Requisition or Label from an Order

  1. Create the electronic requisition to a CHC lab.
  2. Complete the order, and click the Validate Order button. The Lab Requisition is displayed.
  3. Click the Print or Print and Send button.
  4. Select the printer from the Print window.
  5. Once complete, click the X to close the window.

Reprint a Requisition or Label

  1. Navigate to Main Navigation Panel > Received or Reviewed button.
  2. Click the e-Lab Report button.
  3. Complete the search parameters in the Access Orders window.
  • Ordering Facility: Select the Practice from the drop-down menu, if not already selected.
  • Lab: Select the lab from the drop-down menu, if not already selected.
  • Ordering Physician: (Optional) Click the drop-down and select from the list to further refine the scope of the report.  
  • Patient: Enter the full name, last name, or first name of the patient, and click the Searchbutton to open the Patient Find window.
  1. Locate the patient in the list and click the Select button.
  2. You are returned to the Access Orders window.
  • From/To Dates and Times: (Optional) Enter specific dates and times to refine your search or leave the fields blank. By leaving the start field blank in any of the sections, the report will run from 60 days prior, until the end date specified. If the end date is not specified the current date will be used. 
  1. Click the Search button.
  2. Locate the order in the Order(s) Meeting Search section of the Access Orders window and click the Print button.

  1. In the Order print window, click the Printer drop-down and select from the list.
  2. Click the Print button.
  3. Once complete, click the X to close the window.