eLabs: Reconciling Pending and Submitted Lab Requisitions

Version 14.19

Warning: This information is intended only for clients currently in the implementation or production phase with OP eLabs functionality.

Path: Main Navigation Panel > Received or Reviewed button (Clinical group)


To ensure all eLabs requisitions that were created in OP were transmitted and received by Change Healthcare and the requisition was saved back into OP in the patient chart, a reconciliation can be performed by following these steps:

  1. From the Results Received/Reviewed tab, select e-Lab Report.

  1. Complete the search parameters.
  • Ordering Facility: Select your practice from the drop-down menu if not already selected.
  • Lab: Select the lab from the drop-down menu for your search if not already selected.
  • Ordering Physician: It is not required to enter an Ordering Physician.  Doing so will further refine the scope of the report.  
  • Patient: Leave this field blank to pull all orders within the scope of search.
  • From/To Dates and Times: Enter specific dates and times to refine your search criteria, or leave the fields blank.  By leaving the start field blank in any of the sections, the report will run from 60 days prior, until the end date specified.  If the end date is not specified, then the current date will be used. 
  1. Click Search.

  1. Click the Print List button. 
  2. Click the Pending Requisitions tab.
  3. Filter and group the list using the search parameters from the e-Lab report.

  1. Compare the two reports for accuracy. If a requisition appears on the e-Lab report, but does not appear on the Pending Requisitions report, create, but do not send a requisition to support your tracking of outstanding lab results.