Electronic Billing Center: Statement Queue

Version 14.8

About Electronic Billing Center: Statement Queue Tab

Path: Smart Toolbar > Billing button > Statement Queue tab

The Electronic Billing Center, or eBilling Center, is the one-stop location in Office Practicum where claims are tracked. It lets you view claims from the time they are created until the time they are paid.

The Statement Queue tab displays all patient statements that are ready to be sent. The statements can be sent individually or in bulk. Statements remain under this tab until you delete or send/print them, so you can let them accumulate for the whole day, or even until the end of the week, before printing everything all at once.

Electronic Billing Center: Statement Queue Tab Map



Electronic Billing Center Left Tabs

The Electronic Billing Center contains the following tabs:

The Scope selections determine the data available in the Statement Queue grid. All scope options apply in the Statement Queue tab.


Function buttons
The Function buttons change based upon the tab selected.  However, some main function buttons appear on every tab.  The main function buttons are Edit, Delete, Select All (items), Select None, and Print the list of items in the statement queue grid.
Statements button
The Statements button prints the statements for the highlighted items in the statements grid.
Bulk Statements buttonThe Bulk Statements button opens the Batch Billing Statements window, which allows you to set your statement parameters before printing the statements in bulk. 
Create Files button
The Create Files button creates statement files for transmission to the correspondents listed as the default patient statement generator.
Send button
The Send button transmits the unsent items in the transmittal queue to the clearinghouse.
Statements gridThe Statements grid displays all patient statements that are ready to be sent.