Electronic Vaccine Consent Form

Version 14.10


The Practice may wish to use an electronic vaccine consent form to capture vaccine administration dates and a parent signature. The information below will demonstrate how to capture and save that information. 

Add a Consent Form

Typically the consent form is signed during the administration of vaccines. The steps below will use this workflow.

  1. From the Tracking window, click the Task button
  2. Double-click the vaccine task, the Immunization Order Management window displays.
  3. Click the Consent Form button.

  1. Click to highlight the Immunization Consent Form, click the Use Selected Document button.
  2. Complete the fields for the consent form.
  1. Add the patient name by clicking the Add text annotation button. Click in the PT.NAME and drag and drop the text box.
  2. The options window displays, click the patient name.

  1. Add the patient date of birth by moving your cursor to the DOB, click and drag and drop a text box.
  2. The options window displays, click the patient date of birth.

  1. Click away from the DOB to save the entry.
  2. Drag and drop a text box to add the DATE GIVEN and VIS GIVEN fields for the vaccine.
  3. Click into the Signature field and select the Sign button. 

  1. Have the parent sign the document using their finger or stylus.
  2. Click the Apply button. 

  1. Complete steps F-I for all additional vaccines.
  2. Click the OK button to save and complete the administration of vaccines. 
Note: If the patient had a Vaccine Consent form previously saved when clicking the Consent Form button, the saved form will display with all prior entries.