Emergency Server or Workstation

Note: The following Specifications and Recommendations made by Office Practicum are based solely on tested and successful implementations. We do not have any partnerships or current affiliations with these hardware vendors. Please consult with your IT Professional to make sure your devices meet our minimum requirements.

Emergency Server or Workstation

Note: An emergency server stores historical and current backups of the medical database.
For this reason it is preferred that a second server be used to handle this task given the built in redundancy of most servers today. A second server that acts as a terminal server or web server works very well as an OP emergency server.

Note: If a second server does not exist within the practice, a robust workstation can be used to complete this task.

If the workstation is to be configured as an emergency server it should have:

  • A minimum of 4 GB RAM.
  • A minimum of a 120 GB Hard Drive (250 GB - 1 TB preferred).
  • A dedicated network connection (no wireless connection).
  • The ability to always be turned on so backups can run nightly.