Enter Hospital Charges

Version 14.8

The steps below will guide you on how to post charges for hospital visits. 

Enter Hospital Charges

  1. Click on the Account button to open the Patient Account.
  2. If needed, use the Search  box to look up the patient.
  3. Click on the Charges tab.
  4. Click the Claim  button.

When billing inpatient and/or outpatient hospital visits, the following fields must be populated as appropriate.
  • POS: The Place of Service must be changed from 11 (Office) to 21 (Inpatient Hospital).
  • Facility ID: The hospital where the service was rendered.
  • Hospital dates related to service: The dates of service when the provider saw the patient.
Please note when there is more than one Physician rendering hospital services for a single patient. A claim has to be entered for each Rendering Physician. No more than one Physician can be selected on a claim.

  • When entering multiple CPTs for multiple dates, the start date and end date need to be edited on the specific CPT line in the lower-right corner of the Add/Edit Charges window.

  1. All other steps are the same as posting charges (manually see Post a Charge Manually).
  2. Click the Save button to exit.