Entering a Claim Note

Version 14.8
Path: Smart Toolbar > Account button


To create claim notes for billing purposes, a user can accomplish this task in:

  • The Patient Account
  • The Post Bulk Payment window
  • The Claims+AR tab in the Billing Center

Claim notes created in the Patient Account will appear in the Claims+AR tab, and same way when claims notes are created in the Claims+AR tab, the notes will appear in the ´╗┐Patient Account.

Create a Claim Note from the Patient Account

  1. Click the Patient Account button on the Smart Toolbar.

Smart Toolbar: Account

  1. Search for the Patient the user wishes to create a claim note .
  2. Click the Claims tab .
  3. Double-click on the claim number for the Date of Service in which you desire to leave a specific note to the particular date of service in which the user is working on.
  4. The Claim Details window will open. This will give you a free form field to put an editable note on your claim, once you add your note.

  1. Click OK to save and close.
  2. You now have a claim note on your patient's date of service. You can double-click on the date of service again to either edit the note, or completely remove the claim note.

Create a Claim Note from Post Bulk Payments

  1. Click Post Bulk Payment located under Activities in the main toolbar.
  2. As you post your check, you cn utilize the Claim note field to make notations on the respective claim number listed below it.
  3. You can apply a Stamp to this note using the button on the smart toolbar and clicking paste after the note. 

Create a Claim Note from Claims+AR Tab in the Billing Center

  1. Click the Billing button on the Smart Toolbar.

Smart Toolbar: Billing

  1. Click on the Claims+AR tab.
  2. Locate a claim that you wish to leave a claim note.
  3. The last column on the Claims+AR tab, the user will be able to input a Claim Note in the free form text field.

  1. Optional: User may use the Blue Stamp on the smart tool bar to Time/Date stamp who wrote the note and when.
  1. Click on the Blue Stamp .
  2. Left Click in Claim Note Field once.

  1. Right Click and select Paste to Time/Date stamp who wrote the note and when.

  1. Click out of the field to another line item to Save note.