Entering a Multi-Dose Vial

Version 14.8

Adding Multi-Dose Vials of Fluzone to Your Vaccine Inventory

The number of doses in a multidose vial will depend on whether you are using it for 6-35 months or 3 years and older. When you get your shipment:

  1. Determine how many vials will be assigned each to 6-35 months and 3 year +.
  2. Label vials in the refrigerator so staff will know which vials to use for each age group.

Enter Lots in Inventory:

  1. Open Vaccine Inventory and click New
  2. Select Flu35M in Inventory Name and Vaccine Name: FLU-IIV4 6-35m
  3. Complete all information for the Lot. 
  4. In the dose field enter 20 for a 5 ml bottle (5ml administered in doses of 0.25ml will give you 20 doses). 

  1. Repeat process for Flu 3Y+.
  2. In the dose field enter 10 for a 5 ml bottle (5 ml administered in doses of 0.5ml will give you 10 doses).

Note:  If the lot numbers and expiration dates are the same, you may combine vials. For example: you receive 10 vials each 5ml and you will administer them to 6-35 months. Your total doses will be 200 based on 0.25 ml per dose.

Adding Other Multi-Dose Vials

Vaccines such as IPV are packaged in multi-dose vials. For instance, one vial of IPV has approximately 10 doses per vial.Once a new shipment of this vaccine comes in, to enter it into Office Practicum you will need to add all of the doses together and enter that number into your new inventory entry.

For example, if your practice received 5 vials of IPV your inventory entry would look like this:

What if I am able to get more than 10 doses out of a vial?

There are instances where you are able to get more than 10 doses out of a multi-dose vial. When that dose occur, you are able to edit the current lot being used by clicking on the   and increasing the Total doses in lot.