Entering Hospital Facilities for Billing Purposes

Version 14.10
Utilities > Manage Practice > Hospital Facilities

Follow these steps to add hospital facilities where hospital charges are generated and billed for patients. 

Entering Hospital Facilities

  1. Click the Insert Record button .

  1. Enter the Facility's name in the blank field located on the left side of the window.
  2. Click in the Street Address field on the right and complete the Contact Information for the new entry.
Note: Per 5010 requirements, a nine-digit zip code is required for all Hospital and Laboratories.
  1. Complete the Facility Type and IDs section for the new entry.
  • Facility Type: choose from Laboratory or Hospital.
    • Archived may be selected when the Facility is no longer being used.
Note:  If the facility is both a hospital and a laboratory, it is necessary to create two entries with two different Facility Descriptions selected. Facility information cannot be entered in two categories simultaneously.

  • Facility ID: typically the facility ID for a hospital is the Tax ID of the facility. This must be a unique identifier for the facility. The entry in this field will be transmitted on line 32 of claim forms along with the ID type qualifier on the next line (Facility ID type).
  • Facility ID type: the type of entity based on the Facility ID entered above. If a Tax ID has been entered for the Facility ID, select Employer EIN (primary) to include "24" as the qualifier.
  • NPI/Tax ID: enter the facility NPI. This will be transmitted on line 32 of the claim form.
  • NPI/Tax ID type: select the ID type for the NPI/Tax ID entry. The selection of HCFA NPID will generate the NPI/Tax ID entered on the paper claim form.

  1. When finished, click the post edit button    to save. 
  2. Click the Exit button to close.