Entering in Documented Disease (i.e. Chickenpox)

Version 14.10


Below are the steps to documenting an indicator for vaccine:

(In the example below, we are documenting that the patient had chicken pox and therefore does not require "Varicella" vaccine)

  1. Open Patient's Chart (F8 or Chart icon). 

           Smart Toolbar: Chart  

  1. Click on the "Immunization" tab/section.  
  2. Click on the "Indicators" Tab. 

   Patient Chart: Immunization Tab

Setting Vaccine Indicators

  1. Click .
  2. Choose the Vaccine group.
  3. Select Date indicated.
  4. Set the Status Indicator as applicable.
  5. In the below example, we are selecting the option-- "DD - documented disease" to document that the patient has had chickenpox.
  6. Add any notes as applicable.  
  7. Click  to save.

Immunization Tab: Indicators Tab 

Additional Documentation (such as Notating that the Patient has never been Vaccinated)

  1. Click on the 'notes' tab
  2. Select the applicable option.

(In this example, we are going to select the "Never Vaccinated" option.) 

Note: When the patient's chart is accessed in the future, the words never vaccinated will be displayed in the 'Immunization Tracking Summary' field, in the 'Overview' section.

Immunization Tab: Notes Tab