ePA: Medication List

Version 14.10

Medication List

On the Medication List there are three fields which pertain to ePA: ePrior Auth Status, Worklist and ePrior Auth Error Message.

The ePrior Auth Status field will contain one of the following statuses:

  1. Not Indicated: The drug is not indicated for a PA.
  2. Indicated: The only time this status occurs is when the prescription is saved but not yet printed or transmitted. Once the prescription is printed or sent it goes into the next status, Pending Response.
  3. Pending Response: This status means OP is waiting for a response from the PBM and therefore we do not yet know if a PA will be required based on the drug selected and patient’s circumstances.
  4. Error: An error should be an infrequent occurrence. The error message appears in the ePrior Auth Error Message field in both the ePrescribing Center and on the Medication List when an error exists.
  5. Action Required: This status indicates that the provider or a staff member must take an action before the PA request can progress.
  6. Closed: The PA initiated was closed and a user has acknowledge that it has been closed. Clicking on the PA record provides more information about the reason specified such as Patient not Found or the PA is not required.
  7. Approved: The PA initiated was approved and a user has acknowledged the approval.
  8. Denied: The PBM denied the PA initiated and a user has acknowledged it was denied.

The last three statuses listed above (Closed, Approved and Denied) are final statuses. This means that the end user received a response from the PBM and that the end user acknowledged that response.

If a PA has been initiated, the Worklist column contains the same icon found on the Prescription Writer. This icon appears where a prescription automatically or manually indicated a PA and was printed or transmitted. It does not appear for any prescription where a PA was not initiated or was manually indicated but saved and not printed or transmitted.

By clicking on the button, OP 14 opens a new window providing more information about the PA request and any specifics about actions required.

Staff members with the Clinical Level set to Clinical Staff or Higher in the Staff/Provider directory and who are part of the Medical Records group have the ability to view and take action on items in the Worklist. Staff members who are also part of the Medical Records group but whose Clinical Level is set below Clinical Staff or Higher have view-only access of the fields on the Medication List and cannot open or edit the Worklist entry.

A user must be assigned to the same location the prescription was sent from in order to view the ePA records. Click here to learn more about how to assign locations to a user. If a user sees the following error message, it is because their locations are not properly configured: No worklist items found for your associated locations."