ePrescribing Error Messages

Version 14.8

ePrescribing Error Messages

ePrescribing Out of Memory

The error "Out of Memory" occurs because the OPPrescription service is utilizing 600,000 k or more of memory. General memory usage should be around 8,000 k. Restarting both the OPPrescription service and RCEngine service corrects this issue.

"Cannot load RC32ExtInt.dll" when using e-prescribing

Occasionally after a new install of the ePrescribing service or an OP update, users may receive an error, "Cannot load..RC32ExtInt.dll" when they attempt to write/send a prescription electronically. This indicates that RC32ExtInt.dll and RC32ExtInt.lib should be replaced. Please contact OP Support for assistance.

Parsing Error from Dr. First

You will receive this error after sending a prescription to Dr. First. The prescription has been sent successfully, but the return confirmation to OP cannot go through because the program cannot read certain characters in the script (eg. ampersand(&) or asterisk). The parsing error will appear, and the prescription will be moved to the Failed tab.

Failed Fax Backup Message

This message is designed to inform the physician that the prescription has been sent, but instead of going electronically it dropped to fax. There are a few reasons for this.

  1. The pharmacy is not set up to accept prescriptions electronically.
  2. The pharmacy may be experiencing issues with its electronic system so the prescription went out via fax.
  3. The prescription was written and did not contain an NDC number.

Failed to validate user with name "x" and given password

This message occurs when a password expires. Passwords for ePprescribing are stored in the provider/staff directory and are not set to expire. If you see this error message please call OP Support so we can reset the password and ensure that it does not expire again.

Error Sending to Dr. First at IP Address: “Error sending data to Dr. First: Cannot connect to” and “Neither Port 3081 or port 9800 are currently open, unable to communicate with the e-prescribing server”

  1. Right click on the Windows clock > Start Task Manager.
  2. Click on Processes tab. You will see multiple instances of RCNet32 running.
  3. Close ALL instances.
  4. Start > Computer > C or D drive > OP > Services > Rcopia > delete uisng.txt.
  5. Delete uisng.txt from Recycling bin.
  6. From Service window restart RCEngine.
  7. In the task Manager make sure there is only one RCNet32 now running (typically takes 5 minutes to appear).
  8. Check logs to make sure all is started and performing correctly (make take a few minutes).
NOTE: If the RCNet32.exe does not re-open after 5 minutes, right-click on RunRCNet32 (from OP > Services > Rcopia), select Edit, and check to see if the drive is the same as where OP is installed. If the drive is not the same, change the drive letter (ex. D: or C:), select File, and Save (ctrl+s).