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Version 14.10


This page covers the following topics:

How Do I Fix Favorite Prescriptions for Obsolete Drugs?

Every day it seems that branded medications are going off the market once their patent expires and generic competition increases. This can be particularly frustrating for our users when they search for a particular drug. For example, Elavil has been off the market for many years, being replaced by generic product, amitriptyline. However, many providers are more familiar with the name Elavil. So, when they are searching for the medication and the user can’t find it in our application, they tend to create a free text drug.

In order to avoid missing out on important clinical alerts for these drugs, click here to edit the favorites list.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that the prescription you have written is of the highest quality.

How Do I use the Import Med Hx Button?

The Import Med Hx button is located on each individual patient's medication list. It functions in conjunction with a practice using ePrescribing through OP 14. When you click on the button in a patient's medication list, it will query the Rx Hub/ SureScripts network for any previously  ePrescribed medications. In order for this to work on a patient basis, patients need to have valid eligibility of their pharmacy benefits through the Rx Hub or this feature will not work. To import the patient's med history, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the patient's medication list.
  2. Click on the Import Med Hx button.
  3. Another box will appear to choose the time frame. Choose the time frame and click OK.
  4. If the patient does not have eligibility, it will let you know. If the user does not have ePrescribing credentials, this feature will not work properly.

The medications are imported as reference medications into OP 14, which helps a practice validate prescription details and previously filled prescriptions accurately.

How Do I Add a Pharmacy to the Master List?

Always ensure the pharmacy is not in the master list. It is best to search by the pharmacy zip code only. Office Practicum updates the Pharmacy Master list directly from SureScripts on a monthly basis. If you are unable to locate a pharmacy in the master list, please contact the pharmacy to ensure they are part of the SureScripts network. If the pharmacy is not part of the SuresScripts network, the pharmacy should contact SureScripts to be added to the network.  If the pharmacy is part of the SureScripts network, please contact OP Support.

How Do I Add a Medication into the Master List?

Always double check to ensure the medication is not in the master list and that the drug is active using this website : http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cder/drugsatfda/index.cfm

If a medication does not exist on the master list and it exists on the FDA website, please open a support ticket with Office Practicum. Include the following items:

  • Name of the medication
  • NDC number of the medication
Note: Dr. First will not add any medications that the FDA has listed as discontinued.

How Do I Change the Status of a Prescription from Failed to Something Else?

  1. From the ePrescribing center select the prescription in question. 
  2. Click the Edit button .
  3. Select the Status tab.
  4. Change the dropdown Most Recent Action to printed, called, or faxed.

How Do I Clear Failed Prescriptions from the ePrescribing Queue?

If the prescription has been called in or printed, and you would like to remove it from the Failed tab:

  1. Highlight the prescription in the grid (check box to left of script on first tab or select row with script on other tab).
  2. Click on Edit at the top. This will bring up the prescription window.
  3. Click on the Status tab.
  4. Change the status in Most recent action to "called" or "printed". This will remove it from the queue.

How Do I Send a Message to the Pharmacy?

Currently, we are not able to electronically send messages to the pharmacy. In order to do this, the physician must write the prescription and print it using the prescription drop down.

How Do I Link a Pharmacy to a Patient During Registration?

Currently, there is no way to add a pharmacy to a patient's ePrescribing favorites before a prescription is written. However, we do have two options that may assist in this process.

  1. You can enter a pharmacy proactively through the patients F2 Registry screen in the Coord Care section. This information can then be accessed by the doctors to aid them in selecting the correct pharmacy from the master list.

Helpful Hint: Place as much information in the First Name field for the contact in the address book. It makes it easier for the doctor to locate when charting.

  1. The physician can write a prescription and an office staff member will find the correct pharmacy from the master list and send it on the doctors behalf. 
Note: Any staff member that requires this functionally must register to obtain a unique E-prescribing specific username and password. Please click on this DrFirst Roles for more information on the different e-prescribing roles.

How Do I Check Insurance Formularies?

  1. Select the Rx Validate button.
  2. It will then check the patient's benefits (if they have any), and if that insurance company is on file.
  1. Once this is completed, add a medication and search the master list for the drug.
  2. Make sure Check Formulary is selected.
  3. If any data exists, it will populate in the Copay Information Section of the patient's chart.

How Do I Enter Coupon Codes?

The coupon codes for prescriptions should be entered in the SIG when writing the prescriptions.

If you would like to save coupon codes on a future prescription you should save the medication with the coupon code as a medication favorite. Please click here for instructions on saving medication favorites.

How Do I Remove a Pharmacy from a Patient's Previously Used List?

  1. When you arrive at the Choose Pharmacy window while you're sending a prescription, select the Previously Used by this Patient tab.
  2. Highlight the pharmacy you would like to remove.
  3. Select Remove from Patient Favorites.
Note: You will not be able to remove a Pharmacy from list in the Previously used by any patient tab because those pharmacies are connected to other patients.