eRx Cancel and Change FAQs

When should a Cancel Request be sent?

A Cancel Request should be sent for the below reasons.

  • Prevent additional refills: When discontinuing or changing a current medication.
  • Make immediate changes to a new prescription before it's filled: Cancel a prescription you have already sent to the pharmacy.
  • Prevent renewal requests: When a medication is discontinued.
  • Adjust therapy: When you need to change a patient's medication.
  • Discontinue active orders in long-term care: To stop an ongoing supply of a medication already dispensed, adjust a patient's therapy or cancel an order not yet dispensed.

Does a Cancel Request for a controlled substance need to have two factor authentication or be digitally signed?

Since a Cancel Request is not a fillable message, two factor authentication and digital signature are not required.

Does a Cancel Request need to be sent for the original prescription when a prescriber wants to deny a Refill Request?

The prescriber does not need to send a Cancel Request for the original prescription when the prescriber wants to deny a Refill Request. Prescriber only needs to respond to the Refill Request.

Is there a fax backup for Cancel Requests that cannot be delivered electronically?

Fax backup is available for pharmacies that have opted-in for fax when a request cannot be delivered electronically.

Can I send an electronic Cancel Request for a prescription if written or faxed?

A Cancel Request may only be submitted for a prescription that was electronically prescribed and delivered to the pharmacy, this includes controlled substances.

How long should it take the pharmacy to respond to a Cancel Request?

A pharmacy will respond to the Cancel Request in 24-48 hours. If there is an error, either outbound or inbound, the Cancel Request is no longer valid. Follow the practice policy for handling electronic prescription errors.

What should I do if the pharmacy denies my Cancel Request?

The pharmacy should explain why it denied the Cancel Request. The information should tell you if you need to use another method to contact the pharmacy or provide additional information to match the prescription.

How do I know the status of a cancelled prescription?

When the Cancel button is clicked for a selected medication, the medication is automatically updated with a transaction status of Pending Cancel. The response from the pharmacy will be returned to OP. The response is limited to two status': Cancel Denied or Cancelled.

Why can't I see the Cancel button?

The Cancel button and the Cancel tab found in the ePrescribing Center require the prescriber to have the following permission: Prescriptions_ERx_Cancel.

If you wish to use this feature please contact OP Support. Click here if you need additional information on how to contact OP Support. 

Where will I see a pharmacy change request?

A pharmacy change request will be visible in the ePrescribing Center in the Refill/Change Request tab. Change Requests are submitted by a pharmacy, discuss and create a policy, that is followed by the prescribers of the practice, to check for new requests.

How can I get Change Requests to show in the ePrescribing Center?

The Change Request feature is a credential that must be turned on. We will begin to implement these features towards the end of this summer. If your Providers are interested in using any of these features, please contact OP Support.

  • Generic Substitution
  • Prior Authorization
  • Therapeutic Interchange
  • Out of Stock
  • Drug Use Evaluation
  • Script Clarification
  • Prescriber Authorization

How long can I wait to respond to the Pharmacy Change Request?

When a Change Request is submitted by the Pharmacy a provider needs to respond to the request in 24-48 hours.