Event Chronology: Report Options Tab

Version 14.10

Report Options

The Report Options tab is used to set default criteria for running the report. This includes the fields listed below.


Date Range
  • Most Recent: Change the date range of the report by clicking the dropdown arrow in Most recent months. A calculator appears. Using the calculator number pad, enter the number of months. To produce a report not specific to a number of months, remove the number in the Most Recent field. 
  • Start Date: The date information can be changed when running the report. Typically a start and end date would be entered when running the report.
ProvidersThe Providers field provides a list of checkboxes next to provider names. Click the checkbox next to the provider in the list if the report is specific to a provider or providers in the practice.
Global optionsThe Global Options field group provides checkboxes to determine visibility and PHI identifying information. 
  • Click the Include Records with limited visibility checkbox to include records with visibility restriction. 
  • Click the Exclude personal identifying information checkbox to exclude PHI.
Diagnostic code(s)The Diagnostic Code field is where you can enter Diagnostic Codes. Click into the DX field to add a diagnosis code, and then type the code and press Enter. If the diagnosis code is unknown, you can search by clicking the Ellipse button  and press Enter. To add a group of diagnosis codes, enter a portion of the code and add the % symbol. For example, enter F90% to include all ADHD codes.
Prescription containsThe Prescription Contains field allows you to type a portion of the medication name into the field to include patients prescribed any form of the entered medication. If adding multiple medications, place a comma followed by the next medication name.