Family Medical History

Version 14.8


This section will introduce the users to the section of a well visit used to document or review family medical history. The user will be guided through the fields to easily review and document additional information.

How siblings are linked as Family members:
  • Members are linked as family based on how they are documented in the Contacts field in the Register: Mother OR Father.
  • It is very important to COPY the biological parent contacts from one sibling to another so that they are linked properly.
  • Patients with the same Mother and/or Father will be linked as Genetic Family Members.

Review Family History

  1. Click the History tab.
  2. Click on the Family History tab.    

Add Family History

  1. Click on the Insert Record button in the lower left corner.
  2. Select Family Member from the dropdown.

  1. Type Problem in Problem field and click the Search button .

  1. Click the Full Search button if your Diagnosis is not displayed.
  • SNOMED code is filled in with selection of Problem.

  1. Complete Age of Dx if known.
  2. Type in any notes pertaining to problem into the Notes field.
  3. Select Family Members to copy History to (if they are not automatically selected).
  4. Click Post Edit button  to save.