Fetch and Process ERA Files from my Integrated Clearinghouse

Version 14.10
Path: Smart Toolbar > Billing button > Adjudications tab


ERA (835) files can be automatically retrieved from supported clearinghouses, those clearinghouses with which OP has vendor relations. For those offices contracted for e-billing but do not have a supported clearinghouse, you can still manually retrieve (fetch) and process ERA files. The step of Fetch first does not need to be done if a practice is using the cloud model.

Fetch and Process

  1. Click on the Billing button on the main OP screen (to open the e-Billing center).
  2. Click on the Adjudications tab.
  3. Click on the Fetch button.
Note: This process will fetch/retrieve pending ERA (835) files from your supported clearinghouse. If you are unable to automatically fetch your files because your office is contracted with a non-supported clearinghouse, you can manually download an ERA file from your clearinghouse or a payer website and save it to your Claimnet folder on your GBD_Common server. Once the files are saved in the claimnet folder, proceed to the next step.

If your office is on a Cloud Model of Office Practicum, you will not be able to manually download .835 files to your claimnet folder.
  1. Click on the Process button.
This process will read fetched ERA (835) files into OP. Adjudications will appear on either the Matched or UnMatched tab of this screen dependent on whether OP was able to identify the matching claim to the adjudication as presented on the ERA (835) file.
  1. The ERA files will now be downloaded.