Financial Dashboard: Denial Worklist

Version 20.13
This content is intended for use by OP RCM Clients only.

Path: Tools tab > Financial Dashboards button > Denial Worklist
Denial by Amount
Type of report: Bar-graph
Displays: A monthly vertical representation of Insurance Denials by billed amount.

  • Hovering over a specific bar displays the total billed amount.
  • Clicking on a specific bar populates the Worklist grid with the patient claims that contribute to denials.
  • If you have a bar selected but want to change the view to see a Worklist of all Denials, click the clear filters button.

Type of report: Worklist
Displays: A list of patient claims with denials according to the month selected in the Denial by Amount panel of the window. The following columns are included, and the column headers can be clicked to sort the information: