Financial Dashboard: Insurance A/R Worklist

Version 20.13
This content is intended for use by OP RCM Clients only.

Path: Tools tab > Financial Dashboards button > Insurance AR Worklist
Insurance A/R
Type of report: Bar-graph
Displays: A vertical representation of Insurance A/R by aging bucket: 0-30, 31-60, 61-90, and Over 120.

  • Hovering over a specific bar displays the sum of the Insurance A/R in each bucket.
  • Clicking on a specific bar populates the Worklist grid with the patient claims that contribute to that bucket.
  • If you have a bar selected but want to change the view to see a Worklist of all Insurance A/R, click the clear filters button.

Type of report: Worklist
Displays: A list of patients whose patient balances contribute to the A/R aging bucket selected in the Insurance A/R panel of the window, if selected (see above). The following columns are included, and the column headers can be clicked to sort the information: