Financials Dashboard (Charges, Payments, and Adjustments)

Financials Dashboard (Charges, Payments, and Adjustments)

The Charges, Payments and Adjustments (CPA) dashboard allows you to drill down to a specific day of charges by filtering on any of the following:

  • Provider
  • Location
  • Payer
  • E&M (Evaluation and Management) Code Distribution
  • Daily Payments by Source

Click inside the Financials Chart icon to enter the CPA Dashboard.

The CPA Dashboard adheres to the following color codes:

  • BLUE - Charges
  • RED - Adjustments
  • GREEN - Payments

CPA Dashboard Home Page

The CPA home page provides five charts, each of which can be selected to display detailed CPA-related data. Each drill-down chart is linked to the criteria presented in each of the corresponding charts. For example, if Office Practicum users in the practice whose dashboard information is displayed in the following graphic wanted to view the total Charges, Adjustments and Payments Dr. Edith Crawley entered for June 2011, they can do so by clicking on 2011, selecting October, and then selecting Dr. Crawley from the Provider chart.

If you view a CPA chart by month (the tab indicates Provider Level 2 CPA by Month), you’ll notice a daily drill down becomes available. In addition, there are provider, location and payer drill downs. The following screen capture shows the CPA for the selected month. When you select the monthly view, the dashboard allows you to view the CPA for a selected day.

Provider View

When you select Provider view (the tab indicates Provider Level 4 - Provider Drilldown by Month) the information displayed is based on previous drill downs. By clicking on 2011, then June and then Dr. Edit Crawley, the dashboard displays the CPA data associated with the selected year, month, and provider (as depicted in the following graphic).

Rather than selecting a year and month, the CPA Dashboard user can start by selecting a provider to display the CPA for all of 2011 for that provider. From this view, the user can view the CPA for specific practice locations.

Monthly Payments by Source

To view the payments by source, drill down to a month or day and select a provider.

Payer View

To view the payments by payer, drill down to a month or day and select a payer.